Monday, April 23, 2012


(A) Back Squat (No Stands)
Find a Medium-Heavy 10rep load then perform 5 sets of 10reps.
*1sec pause in bottom then up as fast as possible

(B) 21 Deadlifts 50/30 Bands
200m Sprint
15 Deadlifts
400m Run
9 Deadlifts
800m Run

**Games Athletes
(1) Perform 2 MAX Height Box jumps after every set of Back Squat.
(2) Row in place of run 250 + 500 + 750m & no bands for Deadlifts. Use 70% Max.
(3) Coaches choice as Finisher or PM schedule.


  1. Back Squat: 74kgs for each set.

    WOD: 10.55 Rx'd @ 63kgs / red band.

    I must be coming down with the flu. I was looking forward to the runs more than the dead lifts. Obviously, something is a miss.

  2. (A) 20kg (5 x 10)

    (B) 16.55 mins 20kg DL

    Loved being back training in WODS again!!!!

  3. Back squats 47kg (5x10)
    B- 10:50 with 30kg DL and orange band.. started with Red band but couldnt get full range of motion. Felt great on the run this morning just like Brendan!! Strange for a monday morning!!!! LOL