Monday, April 2, 2012

(A) Full Clean 1rm
Strict Press 1rm

(B) 9-7-5
Muscle Up
Hang Power Clean 60/43


  1. Clean 42kg, new PB up from 38.5
    press 31 kg, new PB up from 30, - sorry Jody, I was the athlete who ran out of time, not strength on that one.

    WOD scaled orange band/30kg
    5:04 including a hair malfunction midWOD

    Then short term goals:
    5 min DU practice new PB 8 in a row!
    30 day pull up challenge day 2 - 4(2,2)

  2. Yeah i have been coming up with some good ones of late. I heard another good one today from Veronica."Let's break it down and but it back together again" talking about the clean. Anyway

    Trained in the 6pm with Big Dogs Anesh and Mitch. I think we all PB the clean. Amanda did some impressive lifts behind us and i will tell you lifts well Nicola. Just needs to get down under that bar.
    Clean 113kg. Been wanting 110kg for a while so a little dissapointed i went over but i will take it. First time on a muscle up in a while so i scaled the reps to 5,3,2 and did the rest as R'xd in 9:39mins.
    Did some tabata with the CFS crew after their WOD. Burpees, Pushups and Double Unders.

  3. Great to be back at the box after a 2 week disappearance.
    clean- 66.5,71(f),71(f)- still smashed my PB on the back board by 20kg
    WOD 6.00 @46kg CTB pullups