Thursday, April 19, 2012

(A) Power Clean & Push Jerk
12min to establish a Heavy Double.
Take 70% of that & perform a triple EMOM for 6min. (Perform burpees in remaining minute) Score is burpees.

(B) 15min AMRAP (0-5-10min 1/2 Gasser)
7 HPC 50/30
10 HR Pushups
13 TTB


  1. Loved todays wod... Liked the longer amrap and part A was a great little heart starter for the labbies who are a bit weary eyed at 6am!!!
    53kg for 2rm push jerk
    A - 31kg and 77 burpees
    B - 5+17 @ 30 kg but toes through rings (save the hands!)
    Good work everyone!!! was a tough morning!!

  2. Clean & Push Jerk - 107kg

    WOD with Veronica:
    EMOM 20min (alternating between PC & MU)
    Even Min:
    - 3 Power cleans (T&G) 75kg
    - 10 DU
    Odd Min:
    - 3 MU
    - 10 DU

  3. AM:
    Did WOD above with Paul (thanks heaps btw). Made lots of MU's missed some, 1st 3 were unbroken, good WOD.

    Went for a run with HC's PT client James, and a very busy arvo/night.

  4. Night sesh

    5 power snatch 60kg EMOM 5min

    A) 54 burpees (C&J 73kg)

    B) 8 + 29 reps (HPC 53kg)

  5. power clean & jerk 2 @ 100kg
    only had around 5 mins as came in a bit late

    wod a - 60 burpees 71kg
    wod b - 9+1 51kg

  6. Trained with the CFS crew tonight.
    Power Clean & Jerk 2 reps 85kg
    EMOM@60kg 33 Burpees
    WOD B 3 Rounds@60kg(had to scale up due to weight shortage).
    Did 50m Farmers Carries with 24kg bells after each round of TTB.
    Did Mel R's Tabata D/U after. 8 Rounds of unbroken 20 reps.

  7. Power Clean & Push Jerk: 90kgs

    WOD A: 38 burpees @ 66kgs

    WOD B: 6+23 Rx'd