Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(A) Skills - Rope Climb

(B) 15 Thrusters 60/43
3 Rope Ascents
2 Rope Ascents
9 Thrusters
1 Rope Ascents


  1. Coached/Trained with Lynne, Courtney, Xena & Paul Maloney at 11. In the last 2 days i have had some of the most enjoyable Workouts i have had since training for regionals with the team last year.

    We did the comp WOD. Me & Paul subbed the ROW for Battling Ropes so the girls could do the row. Snatched at 65kg. Climbed the rope to the roof for the first time. Man that's high. And finally got an 81kg snatch after the WOD. But the most pleasing part of the WOD was watching the progress of our athletes.

  2. I realy enjoyed the WOD this morning even though you wouldnt of thought so at the time, its great to train with my Coach (well done on PB) and such good athletes :D great work of all of you .

    I have learnt over the last few days and weeks that the more tired i get the better I perform and heavier I lift . Finished off the WOD with a 43kg Snatch, Moral of the story for me.... do a 5 round intense WOD and then Im ready to go :D

    Adios Amigos

  3. Competition WOD done: 23.36min @ 40kg
    All Intervals within time.
    All Rope climbs were to 15ft.

    1. Had a go at the tabata row tonight. 1006m.

  4. blowing the big ones from this wod today , 11.00 rxd.. then some tabata rowing after and got 900ish metres!!

  5. Comp WOD
    25:10 @45kg
    Intervals all in time
    Rope climb 15ft and 1 to the roof

    Was awesome thanks guys ;)

  6. Trained with Jody, Courts, Lynne and Justine.
    Snatch: 70kg - focus on catching in squat and keeping active shoulders
    Rope climbs 1+roof 1+15ft each Rnd
    1min battling ropes (turned into 50 reps/rnd)

    Time: 29:30 (failed snatches got me)