Friday, April 6, 2012

(A) Work up to 1 RM Full Clean & Jerk then back it down to 70% and perform a double every 60 seconds for 10 minutes.

(B) Death by overhead squat 60/43
On the first minute, perform 1 overhead squat, on the second minutes perform 2 overhead squats, on the third minute perform 3 overhead squat, etc. Continue until you cannot complete the prescribed # of reps in the 60 seconds.


  1. WOD A: 101kgs. 10kgs shy of prev 1rm

    WOD B: 10 rounds Rx'd

    Have a good break everyone.

  2. Wod A 35k

    Wod B 25k 10rds

    Enjoyed the good company there this morning