Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Reebok CrossFit Regionals through my eyes

I turned up to WIN Stadium on the Thursday night for registration and have to admit curiosity got the better of me so I wandered into the stadium and found a seat to just sit and reflect.  The stadium was ready, the rig was up and the team bars were already loaded for the WOD 1 ‘Diane’.  It was just so quiet in there, it was time to reflect and mentally prepare myself for the few days ahead.  Although there were movements that I still couldn’t do, I didn’t think about that, I had to keep myself positive.  I also thought about how this is my 3rd Regionals and how far the sport of CrossFit has come in such a short time, it made my eyes well.  My 1st Regionals was at Randwick Racecourse and I considered it a disaster for myself, it just didn’t go well for me, and wasn’t an ideal venue for this kind of sport.  My 2nd Regionals was at the Woodchopping Arena (getting better) at Homebush Bay, although I had qualified as an Individual I had opted to go Team, still for me on a personal level I walked away feeling unsatisfied, damn it I wanted better this year.........thats what I thought about while sitting in that quiet arena.  Big few days ahead, I was prepared and ready, I just knew I was.
Day 1 WOD 1:  Ughhh what a disaster, not a great start, but I got through it.  I had learned to kip on that previous week, and wow I was banging them out, but one thing I know is that things change and strategies have to change, Plan A was a failure, when I brought my legs down to load my hips up to kip, my shortness was a disadvantage because my bum went slightly under the timber wall and when I went to kick out I got caught every time sh*t!!  OK, I looked up to my Coach and thought Plan B, damn it I have to strict HSPU, I guess it wasn’t a total disaster, I made the minimum requirements and got through to WOD 2.  Phew.
Day 2 WOD 2:  I had a plan people!! I know I was last off the rower, last by A LOT, but that was my plan.....I knew it would be around a 9 minute row for me, I had to save my back for those heavy cleans, I still had 200 metres to go when the last person came off, but I was fine.  When I was done I went calmly straight to my Pistol Squats, all OK there, now time for those heavy arsed Hang Cleans.   Hmmmm, in training some days they were OK, and some days they weren’ Judge wanted me to demo 2 for him, I said, sorry nup, I’ll do 1, I can’t waste these on demo’s.  I do my 1st, yup, no problem and look to my Coach and gave the nod, all good here, I exceeded the minimum requirement and off to day 2 I go.  Big gulp because those 70lb Dumbbell Snatches are next, double big gulp.....right arm...check, left arm ummmm not check, still wasn’t able to do them to that day.
Day 2 WOD 3:  I don’t know what was up with me, but I was focused and ready to go, in the warm up area still hadn’t done any on my left and none on my right that morning either, a few pulls with heavy kettlebell and I was ready.....even seeing another competitor in tears and withdrawing from competition because she couldn’t snatch that baby didn’t make me waver, I just knew I’d be fine.  I walked out to the arena, waved to the CFP’ers, my kids and gave my Coach a nod, I was ready, right arm check, yikes, here goes.....left arm.  Well I’ll be damned!!! I just knew I’d be fine.   I did my 10 snatches and did my so called sprint.....I’ve gotta say it was more of a victory lap for me, I was having a ball, seeing the look on my Coaches face, for me priceless, it just all came together. My favorite WOD I think.
Day 2 WOD 4: Chipper, not a lot to say, it was good, there wasn’t anything there I couldn’t do, and as usual I had a strategy, save my back, so I broke my 50 Back Squat into 2 lots of 25, I was the only one, all good.
Day 3 WOD: LOL disaster.  I was the 1st out, 4000 eyeballs on me and I didn’t know when I walked out I had to start immediately, the judge from HQ is just nodding franticly at me, ooops, time lost!!!!! 20 Double Under’s done without tripping, phew.  Failed lift.  Was a little flustered by it all, but never mind, thats life and all I can think is WOW this is what I’ve been wanting for the last 3 years of competing at Regionals.  I finally have that feeling I’ve been craving for 3+ years.  
HC and I butt heads at times, I guess thats what happens when you get 2 strong personalities with differing opinions, tempers and the rest.  But all that matters is that it came together in the end, couldn’t have done it without you, I can’t thank you enough, for this Regionals and introducing me to the sport of CrossFit.


  1. i wasn't able to make it down for day 2 or 3 but what i do remember from day 1 was this. after wod 1 i knew you would be a bit dissapointed with the result(not the effort), but then i seen you go over to courtney who was visibly upset and pump up her tyres. there were some record breaking peformances that day but that story is what i remember the most. enough said

  2. I remember you telling me you were going to a crossfit competition in Randwick, and I said, -"what the hell is crossfit?" or something....

    I am so glad for you that you are happy with your effort and experience this time, that is awesome.

  3. Since bad guys were doing bad things I couldn't make the trip to the regionals. However, my IPhone battery died on saturday due to me constantly checking the leader board. Instead of grunting / mumbling I should express my gratitude. So, thank you for your time, effort and massive amount of patience you have as my coach. That alone deserves praise and accolades let alone your results on the weekend. Giddy up!

  4. V what can I say I had the pleasure of riding alongside you on this journey. Watch in amazement when you got a lift stood shaking in my boots when you and Glenn butted heads,enjoyed every moment of it and cant wait to being the journey again. ( Got use to the butting of heads no longer shake in boots)

    Of course your happy with your effort hooley dooley tis was amazing.

  5. Awesome read V, thank you for sharing the experience and again, congratulations. :))

  6. Watching you prepare for these regionals was so inspirational. You did all that you could to educate yourself and trained like a machine to get stronger, fitter and more efficient. You showed that by being prepared you can do anything.
    The weekend was awesome and I havent stopped thinking about how I am going to get myself in that arena with you next year. You have taught me so much already and I am really looking forward to the next 9 months of training to get myself prepared.
    Your awesome V!!! Thanks for giving us some insight in to what it was like for you. Watching you do your 'victory lap' def made a few eyes well up. Well done!

  7. Great write up V. Awesome work at the regionals.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story V, and thank you for your inspirational performance on the weekend - I was one of those with tears in my eyes. Way to go Wonderwoman!

  9. I've held off writing anything over the last few days in the hope I can string a sentence or two together that expresses my feelings accurately. I have Coached Veronica longer than any other athlete. I started doing PT sessions with Sarah & V way back & then She followed me across from the comfortable land of Globo, she showed loyalty & trust when all we had was an empty concrete box. I remember showing her, for the first time where her next session would be. Opened the door with a "Whada ya reckon? All right hey!" So As "The Sport Of Fitness" has grown, so has her CrossFit addiction. Some of you might not know that she gave up full time work so she could come on board as a Coach & increase her fix.
    Since the extra step (Sectionals/Open) to Regional Qualification was introduced in 2010 Veronica is one of a handful of Athletes that has Qualified as an Individual in every campaign since "Not bad for an old bird"
    Her first Regionals at Randwick "The disaster" she speaks of is one I personally take a huge responsibility in, & YES we butted heads throughout that campaign. A combination of my coaching inexperience & me simply being WRONG culminated in her having a less than desirable games. She might flare up at times but never for a nano second did she carry on publicly that she had a way different directional views to her coach also the fact her daughter was sick then hospitalized on the Saturday night must of been unbearable, that's another small detail she doesn't mention when re living her regional history & to me speaks volumes of the type of person she is.
    I still believe the best athletical performance I've seen from her was at Schwartz's earlier this year. However except for a loss of focus in the final workout of this years Regionals she demonstrated over the 3 days to everyone what she is about. Being a positive link in the chain of her CrossFit life after all these years is the single proudest moment of my Coaching career. Veronica explains our "Butting Heads" as what happens when two strong personalities come together. That's true, but I'm a strong believer that you can't have Commitment without some conflict now & then. If a subject isn't worth debating, then it isn't a priority is it? As her Coach & friend there's none more committed

  10. What touches me most about you two (Glenn and Veronica) is your generosity when you tell these stories. To share yourselves to the depth you both have shows in my eyes the depth of compassion and integrity you both have. I loved reading both with tears in my eyes. To me you are both an example of integrated people with strength, determination and extreme personal insight. You are both willing to grow with the sport of Crossfit and reflect in ways required in a good coach and competing athlete. My world is so much better for knowing you both.