Tuesday, May 8, 2012


(A) Work up to a 1 RM Clean in 11min, Then back it down to 70% and perform 2 reps every minute on the minute for 7minutes.

(B) Complete 30-20-10 reps of the following...
KB Swing 24/16
Pull ups
Pushups (Hand Release)

*Note: After each triplet, perform a 400m run. For example, do 30x kb swings, 30x Pull ups perform 400m run
**Kicker: Every time you have to break/rest/have a missed rep during the prescribed amount of reps per exercise, stop what you are doing and perform a 5x burpee penalty.


  1. 1rm PB clean 62.5kg

    EMOM x 2 @ 45kg max reps last minute = 8

    WOD with a 400m row total time 14:59 cut off was 15:00 (every second counts :D )
    unbroken sets except for pullups 1 set 20 + 10 s 5 burpee penalty

    Adios Amigos

  2. Strength subbed front squat
    1rm 40kg, feeling weak in the legs from so much work lately
    EMOTM @30kg. Last round max lifts=10

    Modified to
    Russian swings

    Strung together qutie a few 7-12 DUs, much better than yesterday.

  3. Clean: 93kgs. Had heaps of time then failed 98kgs (left elbow too slow) lost my mojo then ran out of time. So average result in the end.

    EMOM: 66kgs. Last rd max reps of 7. Failed on 8 so stopped.

    WOD: 15.24
    2 x lots of burpees in first round. If I had time over would have re strategised to make the cut.

  4. Full clean: 110kg, 123.6kg F, F (couldn't front squat)
    Power clean: 123.6kg

    A) 83.6kg
    Last Rnd: 9 reps

    B) DNF: finished 20's (sub run with row)

    Did front squats:
    3, 3, 3, - 100kg
    5 - 100kg
    3 - 110kg