Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dead Set

(A) Good mornings 3x3 Stay back (light load)
Deadlift 1rm

(B) 5 Rnds
6 Thrusters 165/125


  1. Good mornings @30kg
    Deads, 1RM 6th set 130kg new PB (up 10kg)
    35 kg DB thrusters, inverts sub'd for BMU

    Huge well done for Rachael, smashed her previous PB in deads by 30kg!!! Great to see it!!

  2. Nice work Jonhny!!! I think all the labbies had some great increases which is fantastic!
    I was stoked got up 10kg's on my deadlift.. so new 1RM of 116kg's.. happy as! Chasing down the 120kg's now!!!
    B) 42 kg barbell thrusters and inverts subbed for BMU's.. finished in bout 12 mins i think
    Feeling heaps better at inverts to :)

  3. A) Deads - 180, 204F - Not happy. Deadlifted 204x 3 a couple weeks back, but failed today

    B) 76kg

  4. A) Good mornings 3x3 15KG
    Deadlift 1rm 80KG (MY NEW pb UP FROM 67KG) Yay!!!!

    (B) 5 Rnds 8.31 minutes

    6 Thrusters 20kg
    6 Ring rows (straight back completely)

  5. Deadlift- 181kg. 1kgPR, an 1kg closer to the 200club.
    WOD 10:20.with 45lb Dumbells. Only got a couple of BMUs out, remainder Ring Inverts.

  6. No new PB for me, got 126kg out, previous PB was 132kg.
    Subbed 45kg Squat Cleans, still no thrusters for me, and inverts. Felt really challenging, no energy.
    Was fun working with Maddie, that girls strong!!!