Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hang Power Clean

(A) In 12min find a Heavy Single HPC
Take 70% & Perform 5rnds
3 HPC + 2 Pushup2Situp
**Pushup2Situp standard via Coach

(B) 7min AMRAP
15 KB Swings 24/16kg
10 KTE
100m Run


  1. HPC: 80kgs. Form much better especially getting behind the bar.

    OTM: 60kgs.

    WOD: 4 rounds @ 32 kg KB

  2. HPC: 116kg

    OTMEM: 73.6kg
    - Max reps last Rnd after push up+sits ups: 8 HPC

    WOD: 3+15

  3. Modified WOD courtesy of Jody :-)

    A) same format, dead lifts - 87.5kg (new PB, yay!)
    OTMEM @55kg, last round max 6

    B) 15DU
    10 sit-ups
    100m run
    2+25 - DU pretty sucky, in 2s and 3s. Haven't done for two weeks, so will get stuck into them again.

    Skill practice post WOD was able to do 11 DUs unbroken.

  4. hpc 111kg a few issues with this at the moment.
    otm @ 75kg

    wod 4+17 rxd

    10x150m rowing sprints with 45 sec recovery. between 27-28 secs each split

  5. 4 x 100m Sprints.
    1 a piece Me & Brad
    2 zip against Jordan
    What's Brad like on the row Dan?

  6. haha. you went straight for the 100 hey. played the trump card early, usually you like to exhaust all other avenues first. hes not too bad.