Thursday, May 10, 2012

(A) MAX Weight TGU + Pistol Progression (15min) (B) With 1min of work & 1min recovery perform 21-15-9 Thrusters 43/30 Overhead Walking Lunge 20/10 (1 Lunge/rep) (C) Death by 10metres with 2hand touch on all return legs 1X10m Shuttle the first minute, with 2 the next & so on until you don't beat the clock. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR AN OVERVIEW OF THE REGIONAL GAMES SCHEDULE


  1. tGU with light weight and the odd object (wall ball) did ONE with the wall ball, really helped to focus on smooth, balanced movement.

    Pistols- yep, keep practicing....

    WOD modified
    One arm DB snatch 8kg
    One arm overhead walking lunge 5kg

    Death by 10m
    happy with that, my turns weren't that great.

    3 rounds max unbroken DUs: 12,17, 17

  2. tgu 40kg barbell each arm. i reckon i could get a bit more but ran out of time.

    death by 10m 18+16

    'dianne' 6.32rxd
    thought the deadlifts would get me after doing deadlifts yesterday and then the death by 10m. but they were ok. hspu was batlling right from the start.

  3. TGU: 24kgs. Didn't really push myself was more focused on the pistols.

    WOD: 8.12 Rx'd

    Death by 10m: 15+14

  4. WOD-8:40R'xd

    Death by 10m-16

    Awesome Night. Melissa Ferrari No.32.

  5. Thank you to everybody for all my lovely congratulations and good wishes. So happy to make it to numbered athlete no. 32