Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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(A) Get into groups of 4 (Max) Within 10min, work to a moderate weight for sets of 2. Full snatch, power snatch, either will work.
Then set the clock for 12min & With only 1 person lifting at a time, Continue to go around the group Every minute or so increase the load on your bar until it becomes very very challenging.

(B) Run 1000m
50 KB Swings 24/16
Run 800m
50 Dips


  1. A) Practiced snatch movement and had ago with some light weight. Stayed on 6/12/15 kg. Felt ok, good to practice movement.

    B) 13:20
    Russian swings
    Subbed sit-ups for dips

    DUs 6 attempts to get to 50

  2. power snatch x2 75kg
    power snatch x1 86.5kg a few misses at 91kg

    wod 11.47rxd

    death by burpee 16
    didn't really fit in with my new philosphy of 'less is more' but i couldn't let paul go it alone

    the rowing/running club is building momentum...oh yeah

  3. Unofficial Mobility WOD 9-9:30
    Power snatch 2x76kg
    A) PWR Snatch 83.5kg

    B) 11:36 RXD

    Gymnastics WOD: Death by Burpees
    - 17rnds (Thanks for doing it with me Dan)

  4. Unofficial mobility WOD. I have been following the mobility WOD all season and the things i have learnt make you a better athlete. As Paul said yesterday get amongst it.
    Power Snatch to 76kg then tried a 100kg OHS of the racks. That was fun.
    WOD with the Owls. Ran a 998m in 3:44 with a slight deviation between the tyre and growler.
    50 Swings Unbroken. 4min 800 to follow and then 9mins on the dips. 21:48 R'xd

  5. Snatch x 2 at 40kg
    Built up to 52.5 for the 12 min

    Wod - 17.16

  6. snatch equal PB 50kg, 3 lots of 2reps.
    Thanks HC for extra tips.. heaps less stress.

    WOD 13:32
    1000 (unbroken run, yeah!) 5:38, 800 4:32
    Big win today - 50 x KB swing 24kg unbroken
    dips red band, 10/10/10/, 4 x5

  7. power snatch @35kg's then worked up to 42kg power snatches which were more like muscle snatch in the end.
    B) 11:59 with orange band for dips. did the first km in 4:08... would like to see that get under 4mins at some point!