Monday, May 28, 2012

Re Test Week

(A) Squat 1rm
*Start first 3 warmup lifts with Squat Cleans to fire up CNS

(B) 3rnds Partner Up **
10 X 10m Shuttle
5 x 2for1 WB+ 5 x KB Snatch28/20kg

**Eg: Athlete A does 10x10m shuttles whilst Athlete B does WB + KB Snatch, the score keeps accruing for entire 3 rounds.


  1. Unofficial Mobility WOD 9-9:30, get amongst it!
    Squat: 149kg
    AMRAP: 8+2
    gymnastics WOD
    - muscle ups
    - handstand walk

  2. Well ahem,now that I KNOW about the mobility WOd I may be able to join ;-))

    Squat: 53kg (new PB!) and as Jody said, it had better be after all the squats I have done lately....

    Medball clean/sit up subbed for 2 in 1 WBs
    Around three rounds, I forget

    still practicing DUs,,, need to get endurance with better technique.

  3. Back squat 52kg and pretty happy about it :)

    Discovered today I love shuttle runs. The short crisp 10 metre runs go quick and i feel a sense of achievement each one.

  4. Partnered up with Eliza - congrats on your new PB!

    BS: 62.5kg (previous PB was 65k, so pretty happy given current hip probs)

    WOD: no idea!!! Didn't really understand the scoring... think we did 6 rounds??? hahaha, sharp as a tack eh!

  5. Yeah thanks Jo!!! think we need a team captain next time!! LOL
    PB on squat at 91ks'... so 5kg increase from last PB :)

  6. Yippee, new BS PB, 92.5kg. Previous was 88kg so happy with the increase. Going for 100 next time!

    WOD was all over the place, think Nicola and I did 3 + 9 rounds but who knows! I love shuttles too, and love it even more when I beat HC!

  7. 133kg squat up 18kgs happy new PB ......
    Getting there !

  8. Back squat 118.2kg - 200g increase, I'll take it :)

  9. Thats awesome Jus!!!! all in those legs!!

  10. Back Squat: 154kgs. Disappointing result. I wanted to crack the 160kgs mark.