Wednesday, May 23, 2012


(A) Work to a 1rm Power Snatch + 3 x OHS

(B) 6rnds @1min/Station
MAX Burpee Box Jump Overs
MAX Shoulder to Overhead
20 Double Under + 1 Full Snatch
*Take 70-75% of weight used from part A & use for Shoulder to Overhead & Full Snatch.
**Only one attempt on Full Snatch


  1. A) worked up to 42kgs - feel line with the OHS its my technique on the snatches that's killing me!
    B)Got all 6 full snatches out at 37kg's so was feeling happy with that considering i am having some serious battles with the snatch movement!!!

    I also had a serious battle with the 24 inch box jump this morning and had a pretty funny stack!!!

  2. (A) 15kg Overhead squats very hard for me but got them out acceptably at this weight.

    (B) BBJO 23 reps in total (6 rounds)
    Max shoulder to overhead 74 reps (6rounds)
    at 12kg
    Single rope jumps (20) and one full snatch
    (6 rounds) 12kg

    51 Situps tabata at the end 4 minutes.

    Thanks for the great tips today Jody.
    especially on the lifts.

  3. Power Snatch + 3 OHS: 77kg

    WOD: 56kg
    BBJO: 15,11,10,6,7,9
    Push press: 15,11,11,10,11,11
    Full snatch: 1,1,2,1,1,F+1

    Tabata T2B: 52