Wednesday, June 27, 2012

20 min AMRAP

(A) 20min AMRAP
Run 200m
10 KTE
10x kb swings (24kg/16kg)
5x DB snatch each side (45/35)

(B) Deficit Deadlifts 5-5-5


  1. WOD: 8 Rounds with Little Brutus - as seen above!
    (5 rounds running, 3 rounds rowing).

    Deficit Deads: 60 kgs on one 20kg plate.

  2. A) Ran the 200m
    - 9rnds, run + 27reps

    B) deadlifts standard
    - 5,5,5
    - 10x 163.6kg

  3. A) ran the 200m, 6 rounds + 200m row to finish
    B) Deficit deads 3+3+3 60/60/80kg
    felt looser in the hammies after deficit sets, so had a crack at 1RM
    100x3, 120 x3, 130 (prev PB) x1, 133 x1 (new PB).
    BTW...Nice flash off my noggin' coach. LOL

  4. Did a team WOD version with Dave at CFS tonight then a deadlift congo line. It was a drop off when you get left behind on the weight for 5 reps. With 2 men standing it was a max reps at 160kg. Athlete A 9 reps Athlete B 5(NO HOOK GRIP)
    Athlete A giggles.

    Up at 5 for the labbies. It is a beauty tomorrow. Can't wait to have a crack at this with the Night Owls at CFP.

  5. did strength first
    good mornings 8-8-8
    deadlifts 3x5 180kg

    15 mins snatch drills with dowell

    wod 9 rnds 200run
    wasn't going to do wod and probably shouldnt have. lower back and hammys didn't want anything to do with this wod after strength