Friday, June 22, 2012


Mobility WOD-Skin the Cat Prep for Overhead Lifting

(A) Strength Ladder 10-8-6-4-2-1
Power Clean
Push press
Set bar at same weight for all 3 movements.
*add weight each rep scheme
(ex. 10 DL, 10 PC, 10 PP @ 40kg add 50kg for 8 DL, 8 PC, 8 PP add weight, etc.)
Final weight on bar is what goes on board

(B) Complete 4 rounds
You have 1 minute to complete the following
4 DB Snatch 70lb (Games Standard)
1 x Suicide run
*Rest 60 Seconds Between rounds
**If you don't make it in 1minute on any round, Row 1000m


  1. I was a lonely Rat today. HC kindly PT'd me on power snatches and split jerks. Well worth getting out of bed for... I felt like Atlas afterward. Much enjoyed and appreciated Glenn. Thank you.

  2. Trained with the youth at CFS tonight.
    WOD with the 100lb dumbbell all rounds under the min then a 1000m Row 3:22

  3. 10@35,8@43,6@53,4@58
    managed to get 3 push press at 58 but from then on I fail and ended up jerking. Couldnt seem to get the last one of that set.

    WOD: 45lb all under a minute.(5:22)
    L hang Practice with blue band 4x10sec hold.
    Max Plank 1:54(goal was 3min)always next time.