Thursday, June 28, 2012


Mobility WOD- Tight Adductors can Make your Knees Roll In on the Squat

(A) EMOTM for 6mins 2x2 Pump Rope Climbs 15/12ft

(B) EMOTM for 6 mins 3 Cleans 225/155lb

(C) EMOTM for 6 mins 3 Snatch 135/85lb

(D) E2MOT2M for 6 mins Run 400m


  1. Did a team version of this WOD tonight with the youth at CFS. Me and young Dayton joined forces and he helped me out with a few lifts and I got the team through on the Rope and Run.
    Rope Climbs 2 every min tick
    Cleans @83kg I did 2 every min Dayton 4
    Snathch@60kg same
    Run, i got em all under 2 mins. 1:30, 1:45, 1:40

  2. Cleans @ 70kg, Snatch @ 50kg
    Just made the runs, luck I had Judy to keep pace. Now I know why Mitch runs so well.
    Wonder who will be the first company to make a a rope proof shoe.