Friday, June 15, 2012

3-2-1 GO

Mobility WOD-Overhead Wrist Dysfunction

(A) Full Snatch (12min)
*Take 12min to Build to a Heavy Single
**THEN Take 75% of that & perform 2reps every 20sec with 10sec Rest for 12 rounds (Think Tabata)

(B) One Round Not For Time
15 Hang Power Snatch 62/45
15 Strict Pullups
15 Hang Squat Clean 62/45

(C) 5 x 100m Sprints on the minute


  1. snatch 82kg
    tabata 61kg

    wod broke into 3x5 reps each movement
    weighted strict pull ups 24kg

    only 4x100m

  2. Snatch: built up to 88.7kg (PB) no misses
    Tabata snatch: 66kg
    - missed 1rnd, no missed lifts

    - HPS Rxd
    - strict pull ups 24kg (new strap idea, thanks Dan)

    B) 6x100m sprints - hamstring burner!

  3. Snatch: 41kg
    Tabata Snatch: 31kg
    HPS: 36kg