Monday, June 4, 2012


(A) Five sets of:
Touch and Go Power Clean & Jerk x 5 reps
“Grace” speed, but build in weight over the course of the five sets. Goal is to determine how much you can handle in touch and go rhythm.

(B) 21run15run9
(run CFP 250 between rounds)
Wall Ball 10/9ft


  1. PC&J: 60 and 70kgs.

    Could have gone heavier, touch and go was good but the splits at rep 4 and 5 were a bit how's ya father. So kept it at 70kgs.

    WOD: 7.48 Rx'd

  2. Mobility WOD first up then Did the WOD followed with the Row Intervals that Dan M put up.
    60sec On 60sec Off=330
    50sec On 50sec Off=261
    40sec On 40sec Off=210
    30sec On 30sec Off=152
    20sec On 20sec Off=104
    10sec On 10sec Off=52

  3. WOD 1
    A) built upto 93.6kg

    B) 5:42 RXD

    Row: same as Jody
    - total distance 1074m

    WOD 2: Speed and power with Justine & Courtney
    Each min perform each exercise
    5 Rnds
    - 10x10m shuttle sprints
    - 15 TTB
    - 20 KB swings
    - 25 battling ropes (rope shakes courts)
    - 30 DU

    Everything unbroken except last set of TTB (13&2)

  4. PC&J was ok but like Swantzy my father arrived at
    36k 35k was just ok. But hooley dooley Eliza girl go get em ! Rachael was smokin too I am now looking for new lab rat friends.

  5. CJ 5x5 at 50kgs
    WOD 7:30 struggled with the TTB this morn.

  6. A) 5 @ 40kgs
    2 x 5 @ 46kgs
    1 x 5 @ 50kgs touch and gos (failed the 50kgs just before with only 4, but then got my head right and got the 5 in the end on second attempt with suport for Glenn!!) Thanks)
    B) 6:59 rxd... stil struggle with my rapid toes to bar.. was ok in the warm up them loose it in WOD!