Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odds n Evens

Eg; Light Snatch Complex with Handstand practice between sets.

(B) OTM for 20min
Odds = 4 x Hang Power Snatch 135/95
Evens = 6 x Dips


  1. A) power snatch, practiced for form 40kg
    skills, inverts, handstand against wall.
    B)power snatch 40 kg 7 rounds, lost form dropped to 30kg last 3 rounds.
    11 rounds ring dips x6 with orange band, focus on full extension.
    Not too heavy today: still mending my back from Sunday's throwdown. Jeez there's some strong young dudes at CFP. Just an old dog learning a few new tricks from the young pups!!
    Started 100 day dip challenge today.....

  2. Snatch worked up to 40kg wit 3 HSPU between sets

    OTM for 20

    4 x hang full snatch @36kg unbroken
    2 consecutive muscleups + L sit

    All rounds completed

    Lsit holds 24secs,26secs,30secs
    2km row 80 - 90 % 8:40secs

    Adios Amigos

  3. 7:14 2km Row. Part B at 60kg

  4. WOD:
    - 9 Rnds x 4 HPS + 10 on last Rnd
    - 6,6,6,6,6,6 MU + 4/2,4/2,4/2,5/2 MU into dips

    46 HPS & 53 MU

  5. (A) Practiced handstands today. Can hold myself up when in the handstand no problem but just cant get into handstand position myself as yet. Reminds me of being at school. Couldnt do them back then either.

    (B) Ring dips - one blue band.
    Hang power snatch 20kg.