Saturday, June 2, 2012

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Because of the casual nature we have had in putting tomorrow together, the heats will be finalised once everyone we see who turns up etc.. You will have the same Team mate Judge you & you them, however if a curve ball comes our way with ANYTHING, we will simply pull together & do whatever needs to be done. (Just think Xmas EVA, but with judges)
Ok, here's the Juice!!! In no particular order. We got 3 scoring opportunities tomorrow.
(A) One workout has the movements Sandbag Ground to shoulder throw (The Rxd weights will be dependent on your experience) & Broad Jump & Running.

(B) The Growlers could rear their heads.

(C) The usual CrossFit suspects like Deads, Dumbells etc.

There you have it, & you know me & my Randomness. So if & probably will, I have a light bulb moment, some other elements MAY pop up.
As earlier post, we will aim to have 1st Heat at 10am with lunch around Lunch time.
Oh, almost forgot. There's 3 scoring opportunities + a timeslot for any FEATS OF AWESOMNESS



  1. Great time today guys. Really enjoyed hanging out with the CFP "motley crew".
    WOD A 40
    WOD B missed the third carry at 160kg
    WOD C 8:15 Rx'D
    No bragging rights today... but lots of fun.
    Big thank you to Glenn and Veronica, especially for organising on their Sunday.

  2. I second that John thanks Glenn and V for a good Sunday out Where else would you want to be !!

  3. Thanks Glenn and Veronica. Great Day!!!!