Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Mobility WOD-Improve your Shoulder position in the Snatch

(A) Work up to 1 rm Full Snatch in 15min Then back it down to 70% and perform a double EMOTM for 7 minutes.

(B) Complete 30-20-10 reps of
KB swing (32kg/24kg)
Ring dips
pull ups

(C) 1x max plank hold.


  1. Mobility WOD: internal rotation

    A) 1RM Snatch:

    B) Did snatch balance x3 and OHS x3
    SB: 43.6,53.6,61,71,76kg
    OHS: 76,76,76

    C) plank: 3min
    L-sit: 10sec, 12sec
    Front lever to invert x2 yellow band

  2. Worked up to a PQB high hang full snatch in 15 mins 41 kg

    EMOM @41kg full snatch

    WOD RXD 14:1

    L sit holds 22,24,31 secs

    Adios Amigos

  3. OMG PB not PBQ
    WOD 14:11

  4. Snatch 90kg
    Emom 65kg
    Wod 8.12 rxd
    50 burpees
    My wife is awesome!

  5. Mobility WOD and some L-Sits to 15sec and some front levers with the orange band in the morning.

    Tonight-Snatch to 73kg EMOTM @ 60kg no misses then modified version of the WOD-3 Rounds aiming for unbroken movements 30KB Swings@24 done, 20 Pullups 1st Round Done 2nd Round with Red Band broke once and third round unbroken with 2 reds. Then the dips, a first ever for me. Used a orange band for all 3 rounds unbroken.
    I am either growing up or giving up.

  6. Snatch: 36kg Focused on form and HC's two speed method.

    WOD: 12:54

    Banded L Hang with blue under knees

  7. hahaha. mel did this post for me and just told me she added a bit extra. 2.30 for the burpees.

  8. Mate i thought that she started training at CFP. Awesome? I am sure that you would rate her higher then that. That is only a 9/10. The best is a 10.