Tuesday, June 26, 2012

20 rep Back Squat

Mobility WOD-Tight Ankles=Bad Squatting

(Notes: If you completed all 20 reps last week, add 2.5kg this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 2.5kg

(B) 5 Sets
Touch and Go Power Clean & Jerk x 5 reps
“Grace” speed, but build in weight over the course of the five sets. Goal is to determine how much you can handle in touch and go rhythm.
& to Handle MORE Than You Used On 4/6/2012

(C) Coaches Choice
3-5 Min Burner or Mobilise where needed


  1. A) Back squat 20rm, 65.5 (didnt have a 21 in me)
    B) No misses 5 rounds, 43, 48,48,51,55kgs
    c) monkey bars for fun (fingers glue to them with frost, first thing in the morning) LOL
    2min, 16kg kettle bell freestyle (no dropped bells!!!!)

  2. front squat 3,3,3
    back squat 20rep 112.5kg

    B worked up to 60kg. my goal is to snatch 100+ and c&j 130+ by the end of the year. but i realise now my technique (and pride) is limiting my progression at the moment. so i am backing off the load and focusing on technique for a while.

    C 4.52rxd to be honest i didnt really have a go in this today. my legs were gone after the 20rep and i just refused to push through.

    5 rounds for distance of
    1min prowler push 40kg
    1min recover

    used the gasser track as the marker and got 3 gassers out in total (i think). in reality by the end of it i didnt really know if it was xmas day or cracker night. made up for my effort in the burner

  3. Just did the squats this morning at work
    115,115,115kg (1min rest between sets)

    Hit up part B and a burner tonight!

  4. 20rm back Squat @ 60kg - yay!!!
    5 sets cleans/ jerk @ 26,31,31,36,36
    Burner @ 8 kg dumbells- 4:38

  5. squats 20 @ 67kgs (plus heaps of warm up sets!)
    and power clean and jerk touch and go's at @ 41,43,46,51.5 and 53.5.. all successful.

    Just want to say well done to rach.. you dug deep this morning with those squats and cleas/jerks. Great energy chicky!

    I love these heavy as mornings!!!

  6. 20rm back squat 62.5 kg

    PC and Jerks up to 46 kg stuggled today , took some off n focussed on tech and speed with 43 kg
    These cold days kill my life , thank God the games are in a warm country , I wouldn't survive , my upper body just does co operate in sub zero temps :)

    Burner @10kg dbells

    Lisa you made the 60 look way too easy, good job I pushed you . 55kg my A#*@se

    Adios amigos

  7. Squats 20rm 47.5 kg
    B) 31, 34, 36, 38, 31 to focus on jerk technique rather than press

  8. 20 RM - Back Squat: 117.5kgs

    PC&J: 60, 70, 80, 83kgs(4).

    Raced Jody and Dane tonight on last set of jerks. I no repped myself on last rep, (feet not together), so obviously I lost.

    Then Mobility.

  9. 20rm backsquat
    Clean and jerk 26, 31, 34, 36.5, 38.5

  10. 20RM Back Squat-108kg
    Row 500m 1min rest 1:36,1:43, 1:46

  11. 20RM back squats - 57kg

    Clean and jerks - 31,34,36,38,41

  12. 20RM Backsquat - 65kg
    Clean & Jerk - 30,35,42,47,52
    WOD - 24kg kb