Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Widow Maker

(A) Goodmornings 3x3 Medium Load
Back Squat 20rep Max (2attempts) *Recommend first working set be 50-60% 1rm

(B) EMOTM 10min
5 Deadlifts 100/70
10 Burpees


  1. Widow Makers:
    Rusty x 20
    54kgs x 20
    84kgs x 10
    114kgs x 20

    I'm pretty sure I ballsed this up this morning. But widow makers is a very appropriate name.

    WOD : 9 rounds Rx'd - missed out on round 8. Made up for it after the full time siren. Eliza knocked everyone out of the park this morning with her burpees.

  2. Widows:
    20 back squats @ 50kgs
    20 back squats @ 60kgs

    WOD: 10 rounds RXD none missed(was tough but happy I made it!)
    max burpees on the last round I got out 13 (this was on my own accord... I love burpees!

    Great session.. LOVED IT!!!

  3. Worked off a 130kg BS
    20@ 68kg
    WOD missed Rnds 7&9.
    Yeah nice work Eliza, you smashed it.

    Well done Swantzy 20@75% that's an awesome effort.

  4. Yesterdays Blog
    worked up to a PC + J of 47kg
    WOD RXD 6:53

    20x 44, 20 x 50

    WOD RXD all rounds completed

    Gymnastic WOD 5 rounds
    14 (7/7) Alt pistols
    14 ring turn out pushups

    55sec Hover 5 sec transition 55 sec hollow rock x 3 rounds

    Adios Amigos

  5. power snatch 2,2,2,2,2,2,2
    didn't feel great today, down on energy a bit. i am looking forward to some oly lifting a day when i feel good using the new set up.

    wod 10 rounds rxd. followed eliza's lead and did 16 burpees in the last round.

    the rowing/running group is all the rage. watch this space. new wods are up.

  6. Yeah rowing is the new black Dan M.
    Mobility WOD 9-9:30 then Widow Makers after the 9:30. Did them at 75kg or 50 percent. Gymnastic WOD to follow which was enjoyable then backed up and did the hard yards tonight burpees and deads R'xd. Missed round 6

  7. Working during the day, back training at night, did WOD at 7pm, was a great class.

    Carbon copy of Eliza's morning, I might just copy and paste, lol.

    20 @ 50kgs
    20 @ 60kgs

    WOD: all 10 rounds, 13 burpees on last.

  8. Did the WOD at work today

    A) 20x 100kg

    B) All Rnds RXD finished 10th with 20sec, didn't know about max burpees...

    C) gymnastics WOD: 8.40min (20 ring push ups/Rnd)