Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Bear

(A) Back Squat 20rm add 2.5kg from last lift. (Be patient because we are squatting again Thursday)

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The bear is what's known as a complex. In other words, you will do a certain sequence of exercises in order to complete one "rep" in this workout. You will complete 7 "reps" in each round, for a total of 5 rounds. Starting Rxd weight is 35/25 and ending weight is on the individual. Goal here is for max loads, not time, so there is no time component. Rest is as needed, but with a catch: If you are in the middle of a round, there is no resting with the bar on the ground. The bar must stay off the ground (however you want to) until that round of 7 complexes has been completed. After the first set of seven is done, you can put the bar down to rest, add weight, and chalk up as needed.This is the complex to be completed:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back squat
Push Press
You can combine the front squat/push press and the back squat/push press into thrusters if you wish, but you must stand in the clean prior to attempting the front squat or thruster. Like I said, 7 reps of the "Bear" per round, 5 rounds total, max loads.


  1. A) Increased to 67.5kg

    B) 30,35,40,45,50

  2. A) Back squat 20RM, increased 2.5 kg to 67.5kg
    Progression: 20x20,10x40,8x50, 2x60, 20x 67.5kg
    Tried a shorter/sharper/faster warm up phase, to keep something in the tank.

    B) Started off by stalking the BEAR to assess it's form and then had a wrestle with it in the last 2 rounds. Weights, all rounds unbroken,

    C) Finisher, 3x3 + 3x3 C&J 50kg, 33 Ring dips (orange band), 10,10,10,3

  3. front squat 3,3,3

    pace setter for justines runs but got a little carried away.
    400 1.14
    800 2.42
    1M 5.58

    20rep back squat 115kg

    neutral grip muscle ups 5x max reps

  4. oh yeah forgot to mention. the nsw state indoor rowing champs are in nov. we are looking to field a 4x500 team for cfp. if you want to join the 'awesome foursome' we are auditioning over the next few months. it is going to take a sub 1.25 to be in the running. 'the squad' whiteboard is the one closest to the roller door. put your results up each week

  5. http://talktomejohnnie.com/lifting-weights/ft-vs-st

  6. Joined the youth group at St Mary's for this one - thanks for letting me join in guys!

    I did a variation of The Bear, which I'll call "The Polar Bear" ;P

    Power clean from mid shin
    Hang power clean
    High hang power clean
    Split jerk
    Snatch push jerk (behind neck)

    20k, 25k, 27.2k, 33.2k, 35.4k
    Concentrated on trying to hit the right spot on my thighs as learned at the recent lifting workshop.

  7. 20rm back squats @ 51kg
    The Bear 20k, 26k, 28.5k, 30k, 31kg

  8. 20 rm back squat - 50kg

    Wod - my favourite - The Bear
    20, 26,28.5, 30, 31
    My favourite, cause it's over and hopefully we won't do it again for another 12 months

  9. To Anonymous, AND?
    I love hearing from the boneheaded experts that reach out with all their bravery from the length of a key board.

  10. i read the link anonymous put up. we are not training to be oly lifters, football players or sprinters. we are training to be crossfitters! and in crossfit you need to lift high reps at heavy weights. plus it builds character, which you also need to complete croosfit wods at times. maybe 20rep isn't good for gridion players, which that blog is devoted too, but it sure as hell will help you in crossfit!

    i am enjoying the challenge of the 20rep back squat!

    i have no respect for the opinion of people who make anonymous comments.

  11. I second that Dan. Haven't read it mate but I'm with you.

    Qualified for the training squad in the am for the Awesome Foursome with a 1:25 500m. Followed it up with 2 more 500m @ 1:45 with a 1min break.

    PM @ CFP it was 20Rm Back Squat time. Almost caught up to my goal of 117.5 with a 115kg tonight then took on the bear. Last time i did the bear i tackled a 35,40,45,50 & 55kg bear. Tonight i went for a 34,44,54,60, & 65kg but the last bear ripped off my arms and legs around 5 reps.

  12. On a positive note. What a great session at the 7pm. Unfortunately I missed the Lab Rats, but got my fix with the Night Owls. To watch everyone working as a team & working your percentages is just, well honestly it's real special for me as a coach. Thanks Team

  13. 20 RM - 120kgs

    Bear - 35, 45, 54, 60, and failed at 65kgs.

    Bit disappointed as completed it at 70 last time.

    Will complete my initiation for the rowing team later this week. Sounds good!

    Great session tonight!

  14. 20RM back squats - 60kg
    Bear - 20,25,27.5,31,33.5

  15. Back Squats Im at 57.5kg, felt good. I think I stuffed up my calc's at the start of this whole thing!

    The Bear hurt! First time doing a lot overhead for about 3 months. Did 25, 30, 32.5, 35 & 37.5kgs. I have that all over body ache that comes with a good Crossfit WOD today!

  16. Well I'm not going to be anonymous here I dead set hated "the bear" it destroyed me... BUT got to love the 20rm back squat. It takes you into some very dark places in the mind. Awesome bit of programming H.C bring on Thursday night...

  17. Squats @32.5

    15,20,20 keeping light coz of the press
    Then asked for a diff complex I could go heavier on