Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello Gut Busters

(A) 5min Skip Skills (Something you can't do) D/U, Triple Unders or D/U with Cross Overs etc

(B) Back Squat 20rm
(Notes: If you completed all 20 reps last effort, add 2.5kg this effort. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 2.5kg)

(C) 5-4-3-2-1
Thruster 70/55
Gut Buster
1 Gut Buster = 1 Burpee + 1 Toe to Bar + 1 Bar Muscle up.

(D) 3 Sets
MAX Unbroken MU
MAX Unbroken Pullups+Dips


  1. A) No comment.............
    B) 20 RM 70 kg (20 x bar, 10 x 40, 10 x 50, 2 x80, 20 x 70)
    C) Thruster 40 kg, complex OMG, time...forgot to look! (seniors momement)
    D) pullups all kipping (finally), 6,6,5
    Ring dips, (orange band) 12,12,11

  2. 3rm push press 97kg pb
    5x5 pendlay rows 70kg
    3x max rep weighted ring dips 24kg kb 5,5,4
    3x max rep weighted stirct pull up 24kg kb 6,4,4

    great efforts on the 20rep back squat by eileen, megan and paul this morning.

    then paul overcame bio mechanics and smoked jody and I on the max height rope climb! haha

  3. 20 reps @ 53.5kg
    thrusters @ 26KG

  4. B) 20rm back squats 53.5kg

  5. Yeah but what can back squat for 20 and row 500m In Dan? Bio-mechanics aside a new standard was set at CFP today. 1 Pump Rope Climbs.

    Side Note: Got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half on my way to CFP tonight just in time to see everyone leaving. There were some satisfied faces after completing another round of the 20RM back squat. I got stuck into it and completed 20@120kg. Mid way through i heard either Gab or Judy ask if they wanted me to stay in case i got into trouble. Got into trouble, i was in deep by then. I wonder if the annoynmous poster has ever completed a 20RM back squat cycle themselves. My guess is not?

  6. B) 20@35kg
    C) thrusters @ 20kg
    First two rounds gut busters, then needed a mod for the rest
    D) did some gentle pull ups with blue band 5,7,5
    Ring dips orange 2,2,2

  7. Mobility WOD

    Skill: 500m Row time trial - 1:27min

    Back Squat: 17x120kg

    WOD: Rxd 6:49

    Came back in at night and did complex
    1x snatch balance + 6 OHS: built upto 75kg
    OHS: 3,3,3
    - 81, 83.6,83.6

  8. 20RM - 122.5 kgs completed on 6 July.

  9. 20rm BAcksquat 68.5kg

    Thruster Weight 53.6kg

    Pullups 5,4,Went to jumping and completed 10
    Ring Dips 10,10,8