Wednesday, July 11, 2012


For time:
Row 1K
30 Cleans (Power)
50 Burpees

Clean Loads:
Men 45-54 - 135 pounds
Men 55+ - 115 pounds
Women 45-49 - 95 pounds
Women 50-54 - 85 pounds
Women 55-59 - 75 pounds
Women 60+ - 65 pounds


  1. My chest is still killing from this run this morning in the icey air!!!
    Ran the 1km in 4:01 was hoping for sub 4.. nearly there!
    WOD : 11:40 with 42kg power cleans...
    This was tough!!
    Great energy with lots of labbies this morning :)

  2. Agree with Eliza, great session... burpee room only this morning.
    WOD RxD (you beauty..)13:26 Row 1000m 4:01
    Burpees slowed me down.

  3. Todd & I did this one at home at "CF Moo".

    Row 4:30
    Power cleans 11:30 @ 40kg
    Burpees 41 completed at 15:00 cut off, 50 completed at 15:46

    TODD (hasn't CF'd for bloody ages, and has been sick)
    Row 3:55
    Power cleans 7:15 @ 40kg
    Burpees 11:45

    Lynne will kill this WOD!!!

  4. WOD: 11.08 @ 135 pounds

    Row: 3.08
    Cleans: 2 mins something
    Burpees: 6 mins

    Cleans completed with open palms and dumped after every rep.

  5. A good one for Lynne Purjo. Loves to row, cleans aren't to heavy and burpees. I wish it was 500 burpees not 50 though. And It's good to see that our No.8 is alive. Be great to see some blogs Todd.

    Looking forward to catching up on this WOD. Will have a crack at the 55 years+ weight. I know how good the top guys are, Rich Froning did 3 times the amount of work i did in the 18min opens workout. I am curious to see how good the 55+ are. TBC.

    Just the 20RM squat tonight @ 126kg. Really looking forward to the finale.

  6. WOD-9:47@52kg
    ROW-3:30 started cleans @ 3:45 3 x 10
    Burpees-Started at 5:45

  7. WOD-14.04 @ 51KG
    Row 1000m in 3.23.
    Had a little encouragement to go heavy. Very satisfied with my time. Had to dump after each clean.

  8. WOD: 13.19 Women 45-49 95lb
    Row: 4.22