Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Mobility WOD-Prep for Push Press
(A) Back Squat 20rm
(Notes: If you completed all 20 reps last effort, add 2.5kg this effort. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 2.5kg)

(B) Pran 21-15-9
Push Press 60/43
Pull Ups
(Focus sub 10min)

(C) Front Squat
2 attempts At 2rm with a 3sec pause in bottom of each rep


  1. A) Increased 20 RM backsquat to 73kg.(felt ok) Tried a new warm up progression
    23x20, 43 x10, 53 x 5, 83 x2 (90 was my prev. 1RM)
    B)Substituted Pran for Pring
    Push press (43kg) + ring dips (orange band for 21,15, red band for 9)
    C) 63, 68kg

  2. Got my 20 rm back squat -62.5kg YAY!!!
    WOD- 5:38 with 20kg bar and pull ups (could have gone abit heavier but wanted to concentrate on getting better kipping with pull ups)
    Then busted rowed and double unders

  3. A/ 120kg
    B/ 4.55rxd
    C/ 115kg

    jody i hope you make the 20 at 122.5. but if not i'll meet you there next time!

  4. Squats: 20x 120kg

    4x5reps @ 120kg (60sec rest between sets)

    WOD: 4:05 RXD

  5. BS 20rm 56kg - 17... I'll be doing that again!
    WOD 25kg + ring rows 4:37
    FS 2rm 46kg

  6. It's on tomorrow Dan. And yes i will make it so i will take your congratulations in advance. Thankyou

    Didn't make it out to CFP till 7:30 tonight so kicked off with part B. Faced up against the big fella and he smoked through the 21 push press unbroken. True to form though, the wheels fell off on the 15 round and i got a chance to make some ground on him but his unbroken 9 rep pullups sealed the deal for him. He did do it as R'xd though. Mine at 59.5kg, which baffled him a bit. 6:28 in all followed by some front squats. Last time at 90kg so started the 1st set with that and felt strong so went with 100kg 2nd set and it was on the money.

  7. Not doing the 20rm due to my absence.
    5RM: 71kg

    WOD: 6.46 @ 35kg, felt heavy, meh

    Front Squat:
    1st Set: 50kg
    2nd Set: 55kg, I very much dislike saying this, but probably could have gone a touch heavier.

  8. Super Happy with tonight results almost meet pukie in Pran
    B)4:38 @ 30kg
    C)80KG & Failed 85KG.

  9. 20 RM - 125kgs (failed at 15)

    WOD: 6mins Rx'd

    Front Squat: 91kgs, 101kgs

    Jody and Dan, what's going on? I've been there, met 122.5kgs and shook him aside. That's the best hustle I've got. Can't really get whipped up when I failed at the 125kgs.

  10. 20RM BS at 71kg

    WOD: 6.43 at 35kg (jumping pull ups. thier getting better)

    1) 60kg - no problem for 2rm
    2) 70kg - managed 1. Fell apart for the second.

    3x10 Ring Dips (yellow band)

  11. 20RM back squats - 62.5kg
    WOD - 25kg & ring rows - 4:47
    Front squats - 45kg

  12. 20 reps @ 56kg
    25kg push press + pullups 21 15 9
    FS 46kg 2rm

  13. Can't let the 125kg beat down on a teammate Brendan so i took his bigger brother on today. He weighed in at 126kg and I kept him quiet. If the rules apply next week. With you having to complete the 125kg again, it will be left to me to tackle the 127.5kg and possibly Dan M if he steps up to the plate.

  14. i think that is cryptic code for 20rep squat at 126kg. well played. i just hope you haven't played your hand too early! don't count out paul m either jody.

  15. Still a bit left in the tank Dan M even after overcoming biomechanics. Paul M is on holidays, he's done. Brendan will have to plead leniency from H.C after failing the 125kg. Going by the rules he will have to have another crack at it next week. And then there is Brett. But let's not discount any of the females. Gab only needs a 1.5kg increase to meet her 5RM. Not sure on the rest of the team.