Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Mobility WOD-Improve your jump for the Snatch

(A) Full Snatch
15min Build to a Heavy Single
(Not a 1rm)

(B) 5-4-3-2-1
Snatch + Rope Climb
5 @ 60/40kg
4 @ 65/45
3 @ 70/50
2 @ 75/55
1 @ 80/60


  1. 500 TT row 1.23 (wheels came off around 300, gotta build that threshold)
    rest 5min
    2x500 tempo @ 75%, 1min rest between 1.43,1.38

    power snatch 1,1,1 80kg tempted to go heavier because it was going pretty easy but stuck to the game plan

    wod 10.15rxd

  2. Worked up to heavy single at 47.5kg, felt pretty good.

    For the wod I went 35, 37.5, 40, 42.5 and 45. Think time was 10:48??? Still feeling the effects of the bear!

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  4. A) Worked up to a heavy single of 46kg.
    B) Dropped down to 40kg for the wod (12.08).

    Continued with Snatch Practice from 46kg working up to a 1rm of 61kg in small increments.
    Thanks to Coach Veronica, Glenn and Jody for the gems of wisdom. Planets aligned tonight!

  5. A) built up to 80kg working on hitting the pelvis every time.

    B) 15:15 Rxd - no misses. Wanted to make sure I was maintaining technique and no misses so rested for the snatches where needed.

  6. Heavy single snatch 26kg
    WOD snatch @26kg 12:03