Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday 19/12/14

Happy Friday!

(A1) On alternating minutes perform (Increase Load in between sets as rqd)
Min 1: 1 x Clean + 1 x Front Squat
Min 3: 1 x Clean + 1 x Front Squat + 1 x Thruster
Min 5: 1 x Clean + 1 x Front Squat + 2 x Thruster

(A2) EMOTM x 6
1 x Clean + 1 x Front Squat + 2 x Thruster

(B) 21-15-9
Power Clean into S2O: 43/30


  1. A) Worked up to 50kg
    B) Rx'd @43kg 9:20. great to finish the year on an Rx'd WOD. Been a while.

  2. A1) 25, 27.5, 32.5kg
    A2) 35kg
    B) 8:26
    P/C S2O - rxd
    Pull Ups on box jumping

  3. A1) 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg
    A2) 30kg
    B) 11:04 - 30kg & jumping pull ups
    Slow, yes, but was pretty busted from earlier PT session! Great to have a base to work from!

  4. A1 and A2 both at 70kgs

    B: Modified this part to thrusters only. Working on a new Fran system. Completed the thrusters at Rx'd weight but with a new & different grip. This was a 1:1 work/rest.

    21: 47 secs
    15: 38 secs
    9: 23 secs
    Total: 1.48

    The timings reflect where and when I hit the wall, typically rep 5 to 8 of the second round and then the entire third round. However, for reasons unknown, not matter what the pace, whether it be flat strap or conservative the first lot always seem to feel OK.

    Rounded the session off with a 2K row just for kicks.

  5. A) 32.5 34 36
    A2) 37.5

    B)8.55 mixture of regular PU and jumping