Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Catch Up + Competitor Prep

(A) Active Warm-Up and Stretch
100 Single Unders
10/leg Lunge Matrix
10 Ab Mat Situps
10 Supermans
10 PVC Passthroughs
10 Pushups

(B) 4 Rounds of 20 Seconds of Work
Round 1 and 3: Left Leg Swing holding onto support
Round 2 and 4: Right Leg Swing holding onto support

(C) 4 Rounds of 20 Seconds of Work
Round 1 and 3: Iron Cross (See vid)
Round 2 and 4: Scorpions (See vid)

(D) 4 Rounds of 20 Seconds of Work:
Round 1 and 3: Spiderman Lunge
Round 2 and 4: Alternating Cossack Side Lunges

(E) Snatch + Clean & Jerk
 1@ 90-95% of 1RM - 1 @ current 1RM - 1 attempt at a new 1RM

NOTE: Build in load as reqd so your “Good to Go” on your first official lift.

Cool Down/Stretch


  1. E)New 1RM Snatch 32.5kg (0.5 increase) Happy with that
    New C & J 1RM 44.5kg

  2. E) recovering still so only managed a 72.5kg snatch before I ran out of gas. (13kg lower than pb)

    Still felt good to be snatching for the first time in the week.

    Like the sat blog Glenn, some of our best work is done on the sat and it will be good to blog it going forward!!

  3. A) 32.5 tried 35k 3 times to loose in the arms even though I missed 35k it felt ok
    CJ missed the 45 bugger 2k less than PB