Friday, January 30, 2015


Remember, no matter how bad your day is going, 
at least you're not stuck in a fence being laughed at by a cow :-)
Have a great weekend!

(A) Power Clean into Push Jerk + Split Jerk
15min Practice

(B) 30 x KB Snatch (15/arm)
15 x Burpees
Run 250m

20 x KB Snatch (10/arm)
10 x Burpees
Run 300m

10 x KB Snatch (5/arm)
5 x Burpees
Run 400m

NOTE: Choose own weight on KB Snatch


  1. A) 55kg
    B) 12:16 - Photo finish with Jeremy
    20kg KB

  2. A) Started @ 40kg and added 2.5kg each side per lift until reached 80kg. Single lift complex at each weight. 40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80/81/82.

    81kg PB clean, PB push press, PB split Jerk
    Attempt @82 PB clean, attempted split jerk and got to lock out. HC failed me on the lift because I didn’t ride it down to below waist level (got too carried away and excited. Lol.)

    It’s like the 4min mile for me. Got a PB 80kg with HC at PT on Tuesday, so I knew the 80kg was not impossible anymore. Thanks heaps to HC for the 1%-ers and confidence he gave me to have a real crack at it. He kinda stealthed me up to it. :O)

    2015 Goal of 80kg Clean/jerk. Tick. Sorted. Need to set a new one now. Ha!

    B) WOD Rx’d @ 20kg KB 13:15

  3. (A) 45kg

    (B) 12:39 - 45lb DB (because of thumb)

  4. A. 45kg new pb
    B. 11.07 12kg
    rowed instead of run

    1. PB's all over the shop!! And at 6am, this is impressive!! *insert icon of a muscle :)

  5. A) mobility
    b) 14:26 full clean instead of snatch @ 24kg
    still resting shoulder : (

  6. A) Snatch 1RM: 2kg PR @72kg #penrithgains

    B) 16:46 @20kg KB.
    Super fast times above ^^^^ this wod was tough as