Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Tracy doing a Handstand.  What a gal!

A) Bench Press
4 Sets Max Reps @ BW
2.5kg heavier than last week

B) For Time
Power Snatch 45/35kg
Air Squat
- Recover 1 Minute-
Push Press 45/35kg


  1. Wondered how my leg would end up today, but the WOD's favoured the brave today..
    A) @67.5kg 10/10/10/8 (backed off to preserve my healing shoulder joints). Feel like such a wuss. I only have 1 intact limb this week. Live to fight another WOD. :O)
    B). WOD total time 8:38 Rx'd with 40kg (Part a). in 4:20)
    Tried something different today: 21/15/9 for power snatch as singles and rest with a 2 second count between. This cadence went well. As a result snatches went 11/10, 15,9 Air-squats same break up.
    Part b). Unbroken push presses, TTB singles, but didn't come off bar.
    Tough WOD, but as V. said, it doesn't take as long as you would have thought. Great fun to have a good crack at today....... Love my 6am. :O)

  2. (A)10,7,7,5 @ 62.5
    (B)6:45,11:00 RXD

  3. A) 43.5kg 4,5,5,5
    B) 28kg P/S
    6 min
    recover 1 min

  4. A) 7,6,5,6 @ 60kg
    B) 12:13 @ 40kg

  5. B) 4:13 for the first wod - 7:25 Rx
    Unbroken on the second wod. Shoulders and forearms are bit work from the muscle ups over the last 4 days!

  6. A). 90kgs for 6 and then dropped it to 80kgs for 8 reps each time

    B). Part A - 4.15
    Approx splits
    21 snatch: 45sec
    21 squat: 52sec
    15: 50sec
    15: 47sec
    9: 20sec
    9: 30sec

    Part B: 3mins

    Total: 8.13