Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Love this pic, it brings back some great memories.  My kids have been a big part of my CrossFit journey since I began over 6 years ago.  They came to classes, they came to local comps, they've been there since day 1, never complaining.  Not coming from any kind of athletic background myself, I wanted different for them, I wanted them to be active from a young age, I believe it's an important part of growing up. Monkey see, Monkey do. Have a great day, Veronica!

A) Back Squat
Warm Up
1x8@40%,1x 6@50%, 1x4@60%, 1x3@70% 1x2@80%, 1x1@90%

Working Sets
EMOTM x10 @ 93%

B) 3 Rounds for Time
21 KB Swings 24/16kg
15 Box Jumps 24/20"


  1. A) @ 88.5kg

    B) 4.30 Rxd, short but sharp.

  2. Great picture. :O)
    A) 70,80, 90 110 warmups then 10 @119kg
    B) 3:12 20kg RKBS, 20" box jumps

    ROW 1000m in 5 min as warm down
    D/U practice

  3. Love the picture v and the story behind it. Thanks for sharing!
    A) Went lighter tody knee sore
    36,42,48,51, 55
    B) 1000 metre row - had to go early 5:26

  4. A) 147 kg (highest so far)

    B) 5:04 rx'd

  5. A). 150kgs

    B). 5mins even Rx'd

  6. A) did 50kg lunges on the minute for 10 minutes x 4
    B) 3:59 rx

  7. a. 87kg Squats actually felt good tonight :)
    b. 5.06 rxd