Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today, CrossFit Penrith was one of over 120 CrossFit Gyms across Australia helping to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal where most of the donations will go to World Vision, who have created a strategic plan to aid, support and rebuild Nepal.
After the WOD,  such cool cats!

Our members chose either the 'Summit' Workout, or the Scaled version 'Base'.

Before the WOD

Afterwards the BBQ was fired up, some games of egg throwing went on to amuse ourselves and then the food came out, lots of steak, bacon and eggs.  We couldn't help ourselves with a few games of Dodgeball, boys vs girls....yeah yeah the boys won 5-3.

I'll have a final amount of funds raised by tomorrow night.

I'd like to say a really big thanks to Aliysa and Rachael for helping organise the event, again thanks to Rachael for donating all of the prizes for our raffle, to Marin for donating the steaks, bacon and eggs and Boots for swinging by after his 21km run with the coffees.

We aren't CrossFit Penrith without you guys, our fantastic members, so thank you!

Glenn and Veronica!

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