Thursday, August 13, 2015


(A) Clean & Jerk (3+1) TnG
Perform 3 TnG Squat Cleans + 1 Jerk. Building in load.

(B) For Time
5-3-1: Clean & Jerk - Use same load as heaviest (A)
10 Unbroken Pullups after every set of C&J

NOTE: Perform MAX reps, if unable to perform 10 unbroken pull-ups

(C) EMOTM x 6
1/2 Gasser


  1. A) 52.5kg

    B) 4.48min

    Really enjoying my training of late, it's been fun and great!

  2. A) T&G at 61kg, felt heavy. Had a crack at a few singles to test the waters. @ 65,70,75, 79.5kg (new PB by 0.5kg) woohoo. Been 4months since any serious C&J work. Loving my training too right now, too . :O)
    B) @ 61kg, kipping pullups, 5,6,2 (hand fatigue, couldn't maintain bar grip) Nice little stretch this WOD.

  3. A) 75 kg

    B) 3:37 , pullups 10, 7, 6

    C) pulled hamstring in 5th rd, hope it's not too serious :(

  4. A) stoked to get 42.5 for this
    B) TERRIFIED to keep that weight for this bit, but pretty free king happy to have done it...
    2 " band pull-ups

    C) interval rows 40s work, 20s rest x 4 =>11 cal each time.... Thanks Glenn for giving me a goal, I think I would have slacked off otherwise

    Awesome night all round :)

  5. A) 100
    B) 6:11, some of the jerks were press outs, really need to work on my over head strength.