Friday, September 18, 2015


Yesterdays 9.30am Class, CrossFit is for everyone, 
even those that are 6'7" giants :-)
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A) Deadlift
5 RM
- No Dumping
- No Rounding of Back

B) For Time
50 Pushups
Run 400m
DumbBell G2O AHAP
Strict Pullups
Run 400m

Extras - Session 5
Technique Primer of Choice: 3-4 Sets of 2-3 Reps
- Snatch (Heavy Single) - 95%x1, 90%x1 (% of HS)
- Clean & Jerk (Heavy Single) - 95%x(1+1), 90%x(1+1) (%of HS)
- Front Squat - 75%x2, 80%x3x2


  1. A) cruisey 83kg 6 sets of 5 with Trap Bar. re-strengthening grip.
    B) Modified WOD(to protect wrist/hands) 9:06
    50 forearm/tricep pushups 400m run
    G2O with 28kg (Bar) + 28kg Pendalay rows
    400m run

  2. A). 170kgs

    B). 18.19 Rx'd @ 32.5kg DBs
    Strict pull ups killed me today.

    Good looking rooster on the photo. CFP should have a new slogan. - "If Schwantzy can do it. Then it can't be that hard".

  3. A) 190kg
    got 4 out at 210 but no cigar!! Next time gadget!

  4. A) 140kg
    B) 8:55. 25kg dumbbell

  5. A) 85kg
    B) 15:25
    35lb DB
    2cm band for pull-ups - had the 3cm as a back up, but didn't use it, yay....
    Row for runs

    Also pullup Template work - strict pull-ups 2cm 7,7,7
    Banded face pulls & bicep Curls 3x8 @ 12.5....

  6. A) 5rm Deadlift @ 85kg

    B) 16.06 @ 45lb

    Extras (did Saturday morning)
    Snatch Heavy Single - 46.5kg
    C&J Heavy Single - 55kg
    Front Squat 56.5, 60kg