Thursday, October 15, 2015


Jessica in competition mode.

(A1) Snatch 3RM
(A2) 10 X Snatch @ 85% of above

(B) Helen
3 Rnds
400m Run
21 x KB Swings: 24/16
12 x Pull-ups

Extras - Week 9 - Session 4
- Snatch - 70%x1x5
- Clean & Jerk - 70%x(1+1)x5


  1. A) Working my way back
    found a Power-snatch Heavy 3 @ 52kg
    Tried a few singles and had 3 attempts @ previous PB of 60kg. Got it on lift 3. Just. I am SO out of form with a 6 month snatch lay off. Stoked to have got the weight up,....But..... I am going "unplugged" back to basic principles to work on my full snatch, especially dropping under much faster. I have reached my limit in "bully-ing" the bar with muscle snatches for now.

    B) Helen Rx'd (first Rx WOD in ages) @ 15:13
    New PB down from 18:18 last outing (3:03 PB yeah baby!!!)
    Speed sucked in Runs, but they were approx. 15 sec faster ea. round than last attempt.
    Did KBS 11/10 and kipping pullups 3,2,2,2,3 ea. round and found a rhythm. (Picked up the bulk of time here as last outing was all about singles.) Hunting 14:40 next :O)

  2. A) Snatch 1rm instead - 60kg up 4kg :)

    B) 10.18 rxd
    30s slower than PB

  3. A). 70kgs

    A2). 60kgs went for unbroken but didn't make it. 6 reps then 4.

    B), 11.47 Rx'd
    Far too slow again particularly the runs. All swings and pull-ups unbroken.

  4. A1) 42.5
    A2) 36
    B) 11:51 Rxd (new PB by 13 seconds)

  5. A) 55kg
    A2) 47.5kg unbroken
    B) 7:38 rxd

  6. A) 52.5
    A2) 44kg 5x tng then worked on getting under the bar. Felt real good

    B) 11:01 runs where about 1:25, was slow on pull-ups used band but unbroken.