Testimonial from Kathy Parry    
8 March 2014

Dear Glenn, Veronica & Jen

I've been training with CrossFit Penrith now for 11 months and it would be an understatement to say “what was I thinking for all of those years going to a gym and why didn't I hear about CrossFit years ago.” I've always been a member of a gym or attended some type of boot camp since I was 18, always keen to keep fit and healthy. My experience at CrossFit Penrith has been a completely new and exciting challenge, a massive reward in my life. I'm stronger, happier, healthier and have unlimited amounts of energy than I have ever had before. I have been able to dig deep and realise I can achieve anything I focus on and put my mind to, both physically and mentally. My confidence has always been quite low, but, with the support and guidance from the Amazing Coaches I have now started to believe in myself and every day is a new day. My time at CrossFit Penrith has been a massive wake up call to me, I have met some amazing people and built some solid friendships, they are my CrossFit Family. I look forward to getting up each morning at 5.30am because I know I will feel awesome after my workout and I do every time I train. I have just registered to compete in my first CrossFit Games 2014 and just completed Week 1, what an Amazing Experience! I could not have done it without the encouragement from the coaches for picking me up when I needed that cheer. A massive Thank you to Glenn, Veronica and Jenny for my experience and I hope to continue my journey. 

Regards, Kathy


14 June 2014
Testimonial from Tracy Stark     

It's always rewarding and humbling with a member shares with us how coming to CrossFit Penrith has had a positive impact on their everyday lives, and just a step up from that is when a member puts it in writing (and in this case) on their Facebook wall, for all family and friends to read.
One of our members, Tracy posted this (14 June 2014) on her Facebook page about her experience at CrossFit Penrith. With Tracy's permission I've posted an unedited copy.
This is exactly why we do what we do at CrossFit Penrith, thank you @Tracy Stark.

12 months ago (approx June 2013) i finally got up the nerve to walk into CrossFit Penrith and start my journey towards a healthier , stronger and happier life. I remember coming home after my first night & telling my hubby " these people are amazing & crazy" but i had so much fun & was definitely going back. Everytime i walked in the door i was terrified & soooo intimidated by the people around me , i couldn't do a push up or a pull up or a handstand , double unders are still a challenge and as for the strength work , i didn't even know what a clean or a snatch was , let alone how to do them. I have had ALOT of ups and downs , shed ALOT of sweat & tears and discovered I'm ALOT tougher than i ever thought. I have lost kilos and over 10cm on my waist & hips and the most amazing thing ever , i have muscles visible on my arms & shoulders. It has not been an easy journey & i have a LONG way to go but i have started to feel proud and notice the changes in my body but more importantly the way i feel about myself & my energy levels have improved hugely. Although i have done all the hard work physically there have been 3 people that have stood next to me during this journey & motivated , taught & encouraged me. So to Veronica Mifsud , Glenn & Jen i say a VERY BIG THANKYOU , I'm not the strongest or the fastest or the fittest and i will probably never break any records but i will always turn up & give it my best. @veronicamifsud @crossfitpenrithglenn @jennystagg

17 March 2015
Testimonial from Josh Mercieca
CrossFit Penrith Remote Athlete

To Glenn, Veronica & the CrossFit Penrith crew.  

I would like to pass on my most sincere appreciation for all the support, encouragement and friendship throughout my time training with you guys remotely on the NSW Central Coast. Aftescrutinizing the internet for a suitable CrossFit program back in December 2013, I decided that CrossFit Penrith was for me; I really admired the purpose, variety & structure of training. Glenn & Veronica are encouraging, dedicated, and incredibly passionate coaches who consistently record and maintain records for all athletes. Together, these personal qualities and accumulated data produce an environment that is fun and competitive; from which a positive atmosphere and results are displayed during each and every class. Following the CrossFit Penrith online blog has been a life changing experience, upon every visit to the box I’m always welcomed with a warm smile and made to feel part of the CrossFit Penrith Team.
Josh Mercieca
CFP Remote Athlete


A big shout out from Daughter to Mother
20 April 2014