Monday, February 7, 2011


Thruster 10 reps, 4 sets @ MAX Load
All Thrusters are continual movement. (No pause at top of squat & push pressing). Use same weight across all 4 sets. Pick a weight & if you fail, start ALL sets over again, & pick a lighter weight if necessary. Rest minimum of 3min between sets
You have 30min GO!!

WOD - For Time
50 OHS 45/30
Perform 3 Burpees at the top of every minute

Post loads/time to comments


  1. Thrusters: 3 sets @ 70kgs. 4th set 9(F). - so close. Ran out of time

    75% Effort
    WOD: 5.50 Rx'd

    1500m Row: 5.13

    I'm aiming up to complete 10 intervals by Saturday.

  2. Thrusters 60kg Aiming for a minimum of 7 reps continuos for each set then did the last 3 in 1's. This weight is getting more and more comfortable. Great Programming Glenn

    WOD-5.43 R'xd. Harder then what i thought, the thrusters sapped the legs.

    Tabata Ring Dips 5,5,5,5,Failed

    Muscle Ups aiming for multiples. Getting 2's out but the slipping out of the false grip on the third.

  3. Thrusters: 35kg failed last set on last rep dammit!!!!

    WOD: 13:49 scaled 30kg,25,23
    Not happy with my OHS today. I know why though I can't remember the last time I did them!

    Then did rowing intervals
    Made 2 then continued and got 244,236metres

  4. thrusters: 27.5kg

    wod: 5:00 using 20kg

  5. Thrusters 4sets of 10 @ 65kg
    Felt good to the last set got to 5 then singles
    Other sets varied between 6-7 as a break then
    Completed unbroken
    Wod. 6:50 Rxd
    By the 3rd rotation of burpees my legs were
    Gone after the thrusters

  6. Thrusters: 4@45kg,[all unbroken] would like to have tried 50, but I think the reps would hve got me.
    WOD: 4:25@30kg, maybe could gone a little heavier, OHS kill me

  7. thrusters - 10 @ 45kg. Will definately try 50kg in the next couple of days... 45kg felt really good.

    wod - 3:52 rxd

    really enjoyed today's session. Thanks Glenn

  8. First Thanx Glenn for letting me do todays Class in reverse due to me RPM class at 9.30am, and secondly OMG Jussy your strength and form blows me away you made 45kg thrusters look like 25kg, very well done it was so good to watch.

    OHS rxd 4:30
    Thrusters 10 @40kg, 10 @35kg, 10@35kg 10@ 35kg

    Double unders, pistols and ring dips to finish on some practice work

    Adios Amigos

  9. Thrusters 10 @ 40kg x 4 sets

    Wod: 4:33 rxd

  10. Thrusters 4 sets @ 40kg

    Wod: 6:23 RX'd

    Good to do a wod where my overhead weakness was clearly shown! :)

  11. thrusters 60x4sets
    all unbroken maybe could have gone a bit heavier but was still really hard work

    wod 4.59rxd
    ohs breakdown 12,10,10,8,10

    2km row 7.18

  12. Thrusters: 35kg x 4

    WOD: 5.41 Rxd

  13. Thrusters
    10 @ 60kg
    10 @ 60kg
    10 @ 60kg
    10 @ 60kg
    All unbroken. Realised after the first set I could probably get 65kg, but didn't have enough time to start from scratch with a new weight so stuck with 60kg

    WOD as RXD
    9 mins something. OHS definitely my weakest movement. Hate them :(